Hunting.Cool was thought of when the owner and his son where on there first hunting trip in Iowa where the owner grew up as a boy. The corporate headquarters is located in Steamboat Rock, Iowa, Hardin county. Nestled in the valley of the Iowa river in the heart of the Green Belt, Steamboat Rock boasts 105 homes, 2 churches, and old schoolhouse, restaurant, historical society, library, gas station and a bar. We have 300 of the nicest people anywhere where a farmer wave is always given. The town was plotted in 1855, many of the existing homes were built in the late 1800s and there is a beautiful historical cemetery within easy walking distance of downtown.

Running to the south of town is a paved walking, running, biking trail that winds in part along the Iowa River connecting to the community of Eldora, Iowa only 4 miles by road to the south. Other areas of interest close to the community are the Sac and Fox Wildlife Overlook Area, Pine Lake State Park and Wild Cat Cave access. The Hardin County Conservation has done a wonderful job of protecting many areas for enjoyment for all with easy access to walk these area. The area was originally settled by the First Nation and their history has been carefully written about and preserved for all to learn.

Surrounded by corn and bean fields with ponds, creeks and the famous Iowa River, many small towns and historical areas, and even wineries this area is a wonderful place to visit. It a very special community with many generations of people that can trace their heritage back to the 1850s and is definitely “ Hunting.Cool “!


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